Low-Maintenance Perennial Plants For Your Garden

Low-Maintenance Perennial Plants For Your Garden

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We all dream of a beautiful and well-maintained garden. Sadly, most of us do not even have either the time or the patience to properly take care of our lawns, much less a whole garden. Fortunately, there are many low-maintenance perennial plants that can make our gardens look pleasing to the eyes without you exerting much of an effort.

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10 Low-Maintenance Perennial Plants That
Will Make Your Garden Stand Out

1.Yellow Flag Iris

This type of perennial plant loves wet spots. It thrives in moist soil near ponds or water gardens. Its yellow blooms usually sprout during spring, and it requires full to partial sunlight. Some regard it as a nuisance since it grows unrelentingly in ditches and irrigation canals and causes a blockage to the water flow. However, it is actually a very eye-catching plant and is known to remove metals from wastewaters.

2. Blanket Flower

A part of the sunflower family, Asteraceae, this vibrant looking perennial loves the sun. Its species is known to be hardy and drought-resistant and requires moderate water. They are also perfect for the summer season because of their low-maintenance blooming season, which will fill your garden with red and yellow daisy-like flowers.

best landscape architecture in bluffton SC
best landscape architecture in Bluffton SC

3. Obedient Plant

This perennial plant got its common name because of its ability to be bent in any direction. It is easy to grow and fast-spreading. Also called the False Dragonhead, it blooms with beautiful snapdragon-like spikes during the late summer and can grow up to 4 feet tall. 

4. Crinum

Another moist soil lover, Crinum, is a low-maintenance garden plant sometimes called a bog lily because it is commonly found in marshes, swamps, and along streams and lakes. It has a variety of bold colors and is known for its fragrant flowers that bloom during spring to fall.

5. Coneflower

Coneflower is an herbaceous plant that is a drought-tolerant and low-maintenance flowering perennial. It requires full sunlight and regular to moderate water. It has many bright and eye-catching color variations such as purple, pink, yellow, and green. It is also deer-resistant and blooms in long periods during summer.

6. Asclepias

More commonly known as milkweed, plants in the genus Asclepias are very easy to grow. It requires full sunlight and relatively minimal water, depending on its species. Its colors range from purple, white, orange and red, and are known to attract butterflies, particularly monarchs.

7. Phlox

Filled with colorful and heady clouds of billowy blooms, this perennial plant is famously loved by gardeners, bees, and butterflies. This beautiful and eye-catching plant is also known to be extremely fragrant, especially during warm and humid evenings. It is low-maintenance and has a very long flowering season, starting its first bloom in July and would often linger until September.

8. Texas Red Yucca

Hesperaloe parviflora, or more famously known as the Texas Red Yucca, is an extremely drought-tolerant succulent plant that bursts into spiky pinkish-red blooms during the summer. It is also called “false yucca” because it resembles the yucca plant. It is also very low-maintenance, aside from the occasional removal of spent flower clusters.

9. Black-Eyed Susan

While most garden plants fade during the summer, the versatile and low-maintenance Black-Eyed Susan blooms its brightest in the heat. Its cheery shades of yellow, orange, and gold attract many pollinators as well as passersby and can brighten up your garden with little care needed.

10. Bee Balm

Bee balm is a perennial plant with scarlet flowers with reddish bracts, with a pleasant odor like a blend of mint and basil. Monarda didyma, also known as bee balm or Oswego tea, requires full to partial sunlight and regular watering. It is great at attracting butterflies and other pollinators. 

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Having a beautiful garden doesn’t necessarily mean you need to work extra hard to achieve it. There are many low-maintenance plants that you can grow that will make your garden look attractive with minimal tending from you.

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