Landscape design and installation

What Is Landscape Design and Installation?

Best Landscaping Designer in Bluffton SCLandscape design is not just about putting plants in your garden. It is much more complicated process than that. The job will requires us to understand the topography and orientation of the area, the climate and the site draining and groundwater recharge, among others.

Likewise, landscape design typically involves planning, laying out and construction of gardens to beautify an outdoor space. It entails the integration of natural and human-made features to enhance the feature of your property. That is why you will most likely need to hire Best Landscaping Designer in Bluffton SC  to do the job.

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Understanding Landscape Design Better

Landscape design bridges the gap between landscape architecture and garden design. Landscape architecture mostly focuses on master planning to achieve a desired environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes.

On the other hand, garden design is about art. It is about how you put together the elements in your ground from what plants to place, what soil to use and how it should be arranged.

With landscape design, these two elements come together to create great harmony. This kind of work is often left to professionals since they have the experience and expertise.

Landscape Design Process

Professionals have their way of achieving a picturesque and functional landscape. While each has its style, landscape planning and installation process usually follow specific methods.

First, it starts with an idea. It begins with your urge to have a perfectly curated garden. An initial phone consultation with landscape professionals is the initial step in turning that idea into actions.

Aside from the phone, an on-site consultation is likewise needed. This way, landscape professionals would be able to assess your place. This is also when you discuss the most critical aspect of the job  ̶  budget.

The next step is the creation of your design. The concepts in your mind are turned to sketches and precedents. Once you come up with an agreed design, the next process is about costing and planning to construct the project finally.Once designs and plans are approved, construction and installation of the garden commence.


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