Fertilization and pest control

Benefits of Fertilization and Pest Control

There is nothing more attractive than a healthy and well-manicured lawn. It leaves a good impression and also makes your outdoor more inviting. To achieve it, you must provide proper care for your yard from the Best Landscape Fertilization and Pest Control in Bluffton SC.

Regular mowing of the lawn can help. Keeping it well watered is also necessary. But the best way to keep your lawn in healthy shape is pest control and fertilizing.

Facts About Fertilizer

Fertilizer is made up of three elements —nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. It can be liquid or granular. To have a healthy yard, a proper mixture of the three elements would be necessary. The correct combination, however, will be based on the condition of your lawn.

Periodic application of fertilizer to the soil is necessary for every landscape. It is to replenish essential minerals that promote healthy growth of plants in your garden. Aside from that, fertilization also promotes several other benefits.

One benefit of fertilization is the drastic reduction in weed activities. When your yard is well-fertilized, it becomes naturally resistant to weed growth. It will be harder even for stubborn weeds to penetrate a healthy yard.

Fertilization also strengthens the root system of your garden plants. This allows for fast absorption of water during heavy rains. It could reduce flooding and muddy spots in your yard.

Pest Control

A healthy lawn and landscape can be teeming with insect life. However, some of these insects species may damage the plants in your yard. Once insects are attacking your garden, the best way to get rid of them is an insecticide.

Before spraying anything, it is also important to know what type of insect you have. Identifying the insect would help you determine what measures to do and the most effective.

Fertilization and Pest Control Professional In Bluffton, SC

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