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Save Water With Landscape Irrigation

How much water does it take to have a healthy landscape? According to research, about half of the average water consumption in a single-family American home is put into the landscape.  However, the amount of water used for your yard can drop if each home could employ an irrigation system that will suit your property.

Types Of Landscape Irrigation

There are four types of landscape irrigation. What you need will depend on the size of your yard as well as the type of plants or grass you’re irrigating.

The first type is the micro-irrigation. With this system, the water is directly delivered to the root zone of the plant. It is best used for landscapes with dwarf fruit trees, shrubs, and groundcover.

The second type is the flood system. It is considered as the first form of irrigation and still commonly used today. In this type, the water is delivered to the ground using ditch, pipe of some other means. The water flows over to the field and then to the plants. It is ideal for yards with ground covers, fruit trees, and roses also for clay soil.

The third of irrigation is ideal for turf. The rotary sprinkler utilizes a spray head that rotates in a circle. It can cover for up to 100 meters but needs high water pressure to function best.

The last one is the spray irrigation system which has a shorter range than the rotary sprinkler. It utilizes a small sprinkler put on the ground that can cover only up to 15 meters, so it is best for smaller areas.

Ways To Conserve Water

While irrigation system uses a lot of water resources, there are still ways to save.

One thing you can do is to check the irrigation system in operation. Check if the water is directly watering your landscape. If you have no irrigation system yet, ask a professional company to assess what is best for you.

The water direction is also vital in the health of your landscape. Always check if your system is indeed watering the right part of the yard, and most importantly, of the plant.

The time to water the plants is also significant. Avoiding the hottest time of the day is important. Therefore, it is advised that water should be given before 10 AM and after 4 PM. It is to prevent evaporation and for the plant to absorb the right amount of water.

You can also avoid overwatering by knowing what your lawn and plants need. You can ensure this by contacting a landscape professional with the Best Lawn Irrigation System Installation in Bluffton SC has to offer.

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