Low voltage landscape lighting

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting has become common in residential areas. Low voltage is achieved when a 120V current is converted into 12V using a transformer.

It is widely used nowadays for it offers a lot of benefits. Number one is safety. Low voltage lights pose minimal risk of electrocution even when exposed to rain or snow. Unlike other types of bulbs, low voltage lights are cool to touch. Thus, it contributes less heat to its surrounding.

Low voltage lights are also highly energy efficient. It uses only 20 percent energy used by a regular incandescent bulb but emits the same light. This lighting type is also cost-efficient. Low voltage light consumes less, so you save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Low voltage lights are also easy to install. However, improper handling and installation can still cause future problems. So here some of the common mistakes you should be avoiding when installing low voltage landscape lighting.

A) Use Of Poor Quality Lights

Another reason why most landscape artists use low voltage light is its mobility. Lighting fixtures are small; you can put them anywhere. That is why fixture quality is also very important.

While it is the safest lighting system you can have, fixtures are still prone to damage with its exposure to elements. You can avoid any problem by choosing moisture-sealed fixtures that will provide long-lasting light to your landscape.

B) Lights In The Wrong Place

Where you put your lighting fixture is also essential. Make sure to put them in a hidden location. Put them in a safe and secure area with less exposure to moisture and sun.

C) Not Using A Voltmeter

A voltmeter is essential if you are using low voltage lighting system. This tool will allow you to make sure that the voltage of your fixtures is within the standard. It is vital to maintain the voltage to ensure its proper function. Having a handy voltmeter is also important in times of trouble.

D) Not Using A Correct Splice

Implementing the correct splice is also necessary. Since most landscape lighting cables are buried underground, a waterproof direct burial splice is a must. This will help prevent corroding and electrical resistance.

You can avoid all these common mistakes when you hire the Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Bluffton SC  professionals to install your own low voltage landscape lights.

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