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Beautify Your Patios And Pathways With Brick Pavers

Best Landscape Design and Installation in Bluffton SC

Best Landscape Design and Installation in Bluffton SC

Brick paver is a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. It is used for building walkways as well as paving surfaces for patios, driveway and garden paths.  Brick paver is made of clay that is compressed and heated in high temperature. It is then formed into a rectangle shape.

Since it is made of natural clay, a variety of colors and shade are produced, giving a classic and natural look to the surface where it is used. With its solidity, brick pavers can truly hold firm.

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How To Install Brick Paver?

A good foundation is essential in the proper installation of brick pavers for your new patio or pathway. It can be set in either sand or mortar base. The initial step to prepare the base is the removal of weeds, rocks, and roots on the surface.

The surface is then flattened and graded. After that, you should compact the soil to add some gravel and sand. The brick pavers are then laid over the base. They must be put tight together without any gap. You should also make sure that all the edges fit together to prevent it from moving.

The bricks can be arranged in a pattern you like. You can also trim them easily to adjust them on the design you want. It is also a must to compact the surface by adding more sand especially on joints between bricks.

How Do You Maintain It?

Over time, brick pavers may gradually weather due to moisture and temperature change. However, it is possible to prolong the life of your patios and walkway. How? It is just proper maintenance with the Best Patio and Brick Paver Installation in Bluffton SC.

Brick paver patios and walkways must be free from weeds and dirt. You can also use pressure water once or twice a year to remove moss and other dirt. After the surface dries, you should put sand on the loose-fit surface. You should also remove and replace bricks that have cracks.

After washing, bricks should also be sealed. One product that is used is the siloxane-based sealer which does not affect the appearance of the slab. The sealer also helps prevent weeds and moss. It is applied either using a spray, or brush.

Why Hire A Landscape Contractor?

To ensure proper installation of brick pavers, you can hire a landscape contractor. As professionals, they have the right experience and tool to do the job.

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